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Why Remodel Your Home?

If you own a home in Salem Oregon and are considering remodeling your house, it's important to know that V.A. and Sons Construction has the experience and successful expertise to handle any type of new remodeling you may want done. We are a professional, locally owned business whose first priority is your complete satisfaction and enjoyment of your remodeled home. - More >

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Our handyman services can help you get things fixed quickly and at an affordable cost.

With our experience of building homes and remodeling, we know homes from the inside out.

We can provide a basic handyman service to take care of small projects to an ongoing handyman service for larger homes, rental properties, and commercial projects.

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Do it Yourself? - Here's a Book that we Recommend:

How Your House Works

Leaking faucet? Running toilet ? Dishwasher problems? Can you fix it myself? Take a peek at : How Your House Works: A Visual Guide
to Understanding & Maintaining Your Home

These are just a few examples of questions you may face when repairs are needed, or when a new house or addition is being planned. At V.A. and Sons Construction, we help you to save money and recommend this book if you want to try and fix or repair problems with your home. At the least, if you need to call us, you will be better informed as to the cause of the problem and may help to save our time and your costs !