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The heart of the home is the kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Rave Review - April 2014
"A big thank you to Gene Makarenko and the rest of V.A. & Sons Construction for doing such a wonderful job on my kitchen remodel!! It was a big job and I was very apprehensive about selecting a contractor, since I had some issues in the past on other jobs. My sister highly recommended Gene, after he did a great job on a house for her. Gene and his crew worked hard and finished not just my major kitchen remodel in the timeline he originally gave me, but they also ran my new hardwood floors and baseboards throughout the main level of my house, resurfaced my fireplace and added a mantel, and changed out my front door. The transformation to my house is amazing and is above and beyond what I had envisioned!! I highly recommend and will definitely use Gene Makarenko and V.A. & Sons Construction for any future remodeling needs…Thank you again for such beautiful work!!"
Karen Pilcher

Remodeling a kitchen adds tremendous enjoyment in cooking and food preparation because it is set up exactly as you want.

As we all know, a remodeled kitchen continues to be the number one feature that increases the value of your home.

We offer a variety of solutions for kitchen remodeling that includes plans, ideas, helpful tips for storage, built-ins, countertops, and more.

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